Below are the courses that I currently teach or have taught at University of the Arts Helsinki. 

I also regularly appear as a guest teacher in several universities in Finland and abroad.


Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki:

S-OP12-3014 Seminar and final paper (in Finnish)

S-OP12-3009+3010 Seminar and final paper (in English)

S-OP11-3005+3006 Research methods (in English, group 1)

S-OP11-3007 Research methods (in English, group 2)

S-OP9 Current Issues of Music Education (in English)

S-OP3 Basics of Music Teaching (in English, co-taught with Guadalupe López-Íñiguez)

S-OP6 Special Education in the Arts (in Finnish, co-taught with guest teachers)

Open campus: Special Education in the Arts (in Finnish)

2019–2020 Visiting scholar (with teaching and public speaking responsibilities) 

at Teachers College, Columbia University and New York University, USA (12 months)


Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki:

S-MK18 Undergraduate research seminar (group 1) including theses' supervisions (in Finnish)​

S-MK18 Undergraduate research seminar (group 2) including theses' supervisions (in Finnish)

S-MK29 Master's theses' supervisions (in Finnish)

S-OP9 Current Issues of Music Education (in English)

S-OP6 Special Education in the Arts (in Finnish, co-taught with guest teachers)​